Back of the '90s

United States | Tunnel Two West | Rock Climbing Clear Creek


Want to get away from the crowds and find some long moderates in the shade? This is your wall. Good routes and a nice belay spot make for a nice day; it’s a very worthwhile spot that is under visited. This wall faces west and receives plenty of morning shade. Approach: Park on the west side of Tunnel 2 on the south (left) side of the road 6.5 miles up the canyon. From here, do not walk up towards Wall of the ‘90s. Instead, stay on the level trail before taking a loose trail down to the creek. Continue downstream before locating the crag uphill just past Wall of the ‘90s, but a little behind it to the right. Take the faint trail up to the cliff. An alternative approach is to hike up to Wall of the ‘90s, walk to the right of Interstellar Overdrive (previous page), and hike straight across a gully to the wall.

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