Everything you need for the crag!

Your Guide Book to comes to Life

The authors that have we have all trusted for years, to bring us safely to and home from our adventures, have added a new dynamic to their guidebooks with the Sloper Climbing App. The delivery of this information is also enhanced by leveraging the growing technology is today’s smart phones: GPS locations, offline data, high resolution imagery and community interaction.


Explore, Send, and Track!

Harness the power of the interactive topo maps and route descriptions on your smartphone. As you log your ascents you are contributing to, and further connecting, a community with quality ratings, climbing styles and most importantly safety.


Climbing locations are growing but often difficult to locate. Not anymore.

Topo Maps

Stunning colour topo images that will keep you on-route and inspired.


Know about hardware issues on the route ahead of you before you leave the ground.


The beta for the routes you want to climb just got much more powerful.


Progress unmatched.

You know a good day when you have one. Now you can measure, analyze it and strive to beat it.

Up your climbing game. Say hello to Sloper Climbing.

Innovation beyond the crag

Progression is sometimes just as exciting to reflect on as when it happens. Track, share and recommend your favourite ascents to others. The competition can be as broad or focused as you like. You can compete against the world or choose to compete only against yourself. Regardless or the competition, you will have powerful metrics and tracking tools to monitor your progression through the grades.


See how your day ranked at the Crag

Tick List

Maintain a list of all the routes you want to Send this year


A powerful history of your days out

Days Climbed

How many days have you hit the vertical this year.

Metres Climbed

A fun tally of how many vertical miles you have clocked this year.


A powerful training tool that’s come to life.


Experience the ease.

With multiple guide books in your pocket that that are constantly updated with the latest routes, your options are unlimited.

Find the line.

Search, Send, Save & Repeat

As we are seeing route development at an unprecedented pace, a challenge of an author's has been keeping their readers informed of updates to their favourite climbing areas. With the author’s partnership in the Sloper App that challenge is solved with live updates delivered immediately to the Sloper Climbing App.


73 of the world's best Crags and growing


4400 Routes and Problems with Quality ratings from the Community


Missing Hangers, Loose Bolts and even Loose Rock…you’ll now know


Climbing Style, Hold Types, Grade Consensus, Number of Bolts, Length…and more.


Is your climbing career wrapped up in power metrics.


Jump in. We don’t think you will be disappointed.


Download it! You will love it.

The Sloper Climbing App is a FREE download on both the App Store and Google Play.

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