Buffalo Crag

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This crag is situated on Cascade Mountain and faces south towards the Trans-Canada Highway and Banff town site. It is included in this section because of its proximity to Banff and different aspect from the other cliffs on the Cascade Mountain. The name originates from the Buffalo Paddock which once housed a sizeable herd of plains buffalo in the grassland area below it. The cliff is quite large but obviously loose even from the road. It has some interesting features, however, and two routes have been climbed, both of which follow prominent corner systems. The routes date from the late 70’s (CAJ #61 (1978) p105) and since then the cliff has seen little activity. The route on the right-hand side of the cliff (Raven Crack) climbs an interesting area of rock which may warrant further exploration.

To its immediate right is an overhanging, yellow wall that has been suggested (and discarded?) as a possible sport climbing area. The cliff is in the sun for most of the day and takes about 20 minutes to reach. However, its proximity to the highway makes it quite noisy.

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