Kangaroo Point

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Kangaroo Point Cliffs, or KP as it is known to climbers, is the ultimate urban crag. Located just across the Brisbane river from the CBD, and down river from the Southbank Parklands, the cliff line is the dominant feature of this urban recreational heartland. Free parking, cliff top cafe, BBQ’s, drinking fountains, funky sculptures, walking and cycling paths and public toilets all combine to make the cliff area popular with local fitness junkies, regular junkies, lovers and picnic-ers who want to relax by the river. As well as delivering great viewing of scantily-clad joggers, for climbers, the cliff offers an abundance of routes for the beginner through to advanced climber. A walk-in time measured in seconds, top rope anchors galore, bolted routes and bold routes side by side, and flood lights for 24/7 access make this the busiest crag in the country. The best time to climb at KP is through winter, as it faces north-west, although year round climbing is common as it’s shady till 10am in summer. The cliffs were created at the hands of convicts, who quarried the volcanic tuff for the construction of many buildings in the Brisbane CBD. Being quarried KP can be loose in places - but mostly it is solid, and climbs well. Care has been taken to place the bolts in the best rock - sometimes not the best for clipping, but by far the safest option. If you are setting a top rope please keep in mind that someone may be leading your chosen route, so take a look before you throw your rope and also take care to not knock off any loose rock from the cliff top. Given the quarried nature of the cliff and how busy the cliff top can be, it’s a good idea to wear your helmet and use your basic cliff enviroment skills. Northern KP is currently closed. It’s a shame as it has some of the best routes in Brisbane. The ACAQ is working to have the area reopened to climbing, give them your support.

  • 1-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31 >
  • Main Wall left Side
    26 50 17 1 0
  • Main Wall Right Side
    28 28 39 3 0
  • Nursery Cliff
    30 7 0 0 0

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