Screeching Wall

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VOLUNTARY CLOSURE DUE TO OWLS PRESENT - Voluntary closure between (and including) Fanticide and Isis due to nesting owls on Hollow Stones. It is very difficult to get an overview photo of this crag despite the fact that all sectors are readily visible from the FSL. It is another crag that languished for many years with a few superb routes and a bunch that appealed to no one. Many climbers now combine it with a visit to Maternal but more climbers could make it a destination on its own. Approach: It’s on the FSL. Route descriptions are in three sectors, the first two being the left and right halves of a smooth continuous wall.  Hunting Humans consists of routes that start from a boulder-covered ledge, accessed at is right-hand end via a dirty ramp. Turn off the FSL by a large flat boulder. The Mudman area includes all the routes from the very lowest point of the cliff across from the flat boulder, then along a narrow ledge to a crack behind a huge tree. The Isis area includes all the routes to the right of the crack and huge tree.

  • < 5.9
  • 10a - 10d
  • 11a - 11d
  • 12a - 12d
  • 13a >
  • Hunting Humans
    0 2 4 0 0
  • Mudman
    0 4 4 1 0
  • Isis
    2 5 7 1 0

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