Little White Wall

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Little White Wall is a low sweep of rock that is very compact and close to vertical along its considerable length. It sits close to the top of the ridge above Maternal Wall. From the foot of the cliff a nice grassy bench offers good views of Penticton and Okanagan Lake and affords a more open prospect than most other Skaha cliffs. It is impossible to get a clear overview of this cliff because of both its length and several clumps of trees that screen the view. The best way to sort things out is to walk to the left (north) end and familiarize yourself with the landmarks listed below. These features are similarly numbered in white on the phototopos. From left to right, the key landmarks for orientation are: 1. The large roof (Rasta Roof) where the cliff starts to deteriorate. 2. Two trees that obscures the view of the left end of the main wall. 3. A wide crack just right of the trees (Muscles and Testicles). 4. A wide chimney (Rest is Inconsequential) just left of a group of screening trees. 5. The open corner of Cornercopia. 6. A large, square-cut boulder at the base where it steps back into two small corners. 7. The park boundary sign about half way along the Appetizers wall.

  • < 5.9
  • 10a - 10d
  • 11a - 11d
  • 12a - 12d
  • 13a >
  • Rasta Roof
    1 2 0 2 0
  • Karoshi
    1 2 1 5 0
  • Soot Wall
    0 0 1 5 0
  • Cornercopia
    1 1 7 2 0
  • Appies
    0 4 4 0 0

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