Flake Cliff

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Any climbers just getting out of their car in the parking lot, and looking for the crags, will find their eyes drawn to the Flake Cliff. There is not much else that will inspire them from that viewpoint. When they return to their car from elsewhere in The Bluffs, at 3pm on a cold May day, and see the sun is barely creeping onto that wall, they will probably reconsider plans for going to the Flake. It is different, however, on a hot July day when the long hours in the shade will be welcomed. Pity you have to be climbing 5.11+ to avail yourself of this summer shade.
Most of the construction work for these routes was done by Hugh Lenney, who was then magnanimous enough to let his friends come and play. Most of the route descriptions are direct from Hugh also. Thank Hugh.

  • < 5.9
  • 10a - 10d
  • 11a - 11d
  • 12a - 12d
  • 13a >
  • The Open Face
    0 0 2 3 1
  • Behind the Flake
    0 0 1 5 0
  • The Crusts
    0 1 1 0 0

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