Tiers of Zion

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Over the past few years, this area has seen a frenzy of development, creating even more of a variety of fun routes in the 5.6-5.10 range. It has already become one of the most popular places to climb for a moderate climber on the Front Range. Thanks to Josh Pollock, Tiers of Zion developer, for helping out with organizing info and photos to this area for this book. Approach:Tiers of Zion is located just uphill from Lookout Mountain Crag on Lookout Mountain Rd. To get there, drive 2.2 miles up Lookout Mountain Rd past the stoplight at 6th Ave. There is a large parking area just past a sharp, hairpin turn on the east side of the road (there is a metal trash can in the pullout). There are a couple of different approaches to get to these walls. The traditional approaches were coming in from below or above. You can access the Lower Tier from the main approach and the Upper Tier from above or below. As of 2017, there is a new trail being built that will access both Tiers from below. Assuming that the lower access trail is mostly completed by the time this book comes out, I will describe the whole area as being mainly accessed from the lower approach. The Windy Saddle parking lot is a backup/alternative parking area if the lower parking is full or if you are trying to begin from the top of any of the routes. Main Approach to Lower Tier: From the main parking area, 2.2 miles up Lookout Mountain Rd, walk across the street to the west and find the main approach trail. There are a few faint deer trails here as well, so try and stick to the more obvious approach trail heading south from the trailhead. Walk across the backside of Mt Zion, and across a boulderfield to access the trail in the trees below the cliff. When you arrive to the Lower Tier you should arrive at the route Buffalo Soldier up and to your right. 15 min Main Approach from Below to reach the Upper Tier: A trail to the Upper Tier branches off the main approach trail to the Lower Tiers at a point partway across the broad gully on the north face (before you reach the trees). Follow the switchbacks above (steeply) to the base of the main section of the Upper Tier. The trail arrives approximately at the base of Three Little Bats. 25 min Approach from Above: Park at the Windy Saddle lot 3.4 miles up Lookout Mountain Rd from the stoplight at 6th Ave. Take the obvious trail north to the summit of Mt. Zion (the mountain with the M on it). From there, walk along the ridge to the east until you are above the cliffs, at a point just past the third high point on the ridge. Scramble down to the top of the cliffs and use one of the two rappel stations (the westernmost one, at the top of Allrete and Joy of My World, is hidden just around a corner from above). 15 min

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  • Tiers of Zion
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