Socialist Crag

United States | Tunnel Two West | Rock Climbing Clear Creek


This wall is located directly across the creek from Capitalist Crag. Getting here is much more difficult than Capitalist, but you will see far less people. Socialist Crag currently has only a couple of routes at it, but there is plenty of room for development of some more moderates. By the time this book comes out, it wouldn’t be surprising if a few more routes popped up on the wall. The crag faces west and gets shade in the mornings. Approach: Drive just past Tunnel 2, going 6.5 miles up canyon, and park immediately on the left in a large pullout as for Wall of the ‘90s. Walk along the river, going past the Wall of the ‘90s left-hand turnoff. Head down a scree slope to the river, and spot a steel cable going across the river. The steel tyrol will trash a carabiner, so either bring a junk biner, steel carabiner, or better yet, a pulley. You can also wade across the creek in low water. Once across the river, turn right and walk about a quarter mile upstream (going past Mission Wall) until you’re about level with Capitalist Crag. The wall will be uphill to your left from here. Find a faint approach trail on your left with cairn to take you up to the crag.

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