Skinny Legs - Blonde Formation

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These roadside climbs must be climbed with care so no rocks get tossed onto the road. Of the climbs, Skinny Legs and All is the best and easiest approach, avoiding the steeper and looser belaying spots of the other climbs. The rock quality on the climbs is actually quite good, it’s finding a good spot to belay from on the Blonde Formation that is hard to do. Approach: Drive 1.7 miles up canyon and park at a long pullout on the left next to mile marker 270. These few roadside routes are on the right (north) side of the highway. You will be able to see the Blonde Formation a few feet off the road after parking. The Skinny Legs Formation is about 50 yards west on the road. Hike to a large tree, then pick up the steep approach trail leading up behind it.

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