New Economy Cliff

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New Economy is a great wall that’s full of shaded moderates that will keep you busy on a hot, summer day. This cliff is great for the climber wanting to climb some fun 5.11/5.12s without the crowd. Routes like Leading Indicators (5.12c) and Inflation (5.12b) give an especially hard challenge for the 5.12 climber. This north-facing/shaded wall is perfect for late summer into fall when the water levels in the creek are lower, making it easier to cross the creek. Do not attempt to cross the creek during high water, it is faster and more dangerous than it looks. Approach: Park in a dirt pullout on the south (left) side of the road after driving 7.7 miles up canyon. Look to the south side of the creek to spot the cliff. The only approach to this crag is wading the creek during low water, or walking across an ice bridge in the winter. However, you wouldn’t want to climb here in the winter because it receives zero sun. After crossing the creek follow a faint trail to the cliff.

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