M3 Crag

United States | Ice & Mixed | Rock Climbing Clear Creek


If you're looking for some mixed climbing on the Front Range, this might be a fun little crag to check out. The wall is tucked away behind Mission Wall on the west side of tunnel 2. While the original intention of this wall was for mixed climbing, these routes can be rock climbed as well, especially Wendy's Splitter or Pis-Aller. Approach: Park on the west side of tunnel 2 on the south side of the road 6.5 miles up the canyon. From the parking lot, hike down to the creek and cross the steel cable tyrolean that is located a few hundred feet downstream from the parking lot. You can also cross the creek, if it's frozen. Once across the creek, continue walking downstream on the Creekside trail for about 100 yards before scrambling up the hillside to your right. This crag is directly behind Mission Wall on its east side. There is currently not an approach trail for it. 25 min

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