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Searching for a little adventure in Clear Creek? While Creekside is still close to the road, it may be what you’re looking for to push your limits and gain a little exposure. Creekside is a 400-foot piece of rock shooting up on the north side of the creek just east of Tunnel 6. There is a variety of single and multi-pitch classics at this wall. One can’t help but look up at the daunting upper headwall of Solid Gold (5.12a) when driving up the canyon. If you are a climber, you are drawn to the clean, aesthetic face starting 300 feet above the canyon floor. While some of the routes on the right side get blasted by morning sun, there is plenty of shade in the evening, making this a good place to climb in the winter or summer. Overall, the wall has a southeast aspect. Approach: There are three different approaches depending on where you are climbing. Hike in to the Solid Gold Area: Drive 12.2 miles up canyon and park just west of Tunnel 5 on either side of the road. Walk back towards the tunnel and across the bridge to find a trail on the north side of the road. Take this trail west (up canyon) as it follows the creek to get to a small, flat area with the start to Solid Gold. 10-15 min Tyrolean to the Guppy Area: To get to routes like Rhett Wench, Guppy, and Crackside, use the tyrolean approach. Park 12.4 miles up the canyon on the north (right) side of the road, just before (east of ) Tunnel 6. Walk downhill towards the creek to locate a tyrolean high in a tree. Climb the tree and pull across. 10 min Wade the Creek for Brennivin Roof: For routes in the Brennivin Roof area, the best approach is to wade the creek during low water. Drive 12.5 miles up canyon and park just before (east of) Tunnel 6 on the north (right) side of the road. Hike upstream until finding the best spot to wade across the water at. 10 min Climb Shenanigans to Brennivin Roof Area: Take the tyrol across the creek to the Guppy area, and then climb Shenanigans to traverse to the left side of the wall. 15-20 min

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