Capitalist Crag

United States | Tunnel Two West | Rock Climbing Clear Creek


This is a fun wall to come to because it’s tucked in by Tunnel 3, so you can barely hear the sound of cars. And when the creek is high, you can barely hear anything at all. It also has a quick and easy approach. Capitalist Crag is split into Upper Capitalist and Lower Capitalist, each with their own overview descriptions. The wall faces east and gets morning sun in the summer. Approach: Drive just past Tunnel 2, going 6.5 miles up canyon, and park immediately on the left in a large pullout as for Wall of the ‘90s. From the parking area, walk on the roadside trail, heading west along the south (left) side of the road towards Tunnel 3. The trail will curve you to the south before spotting Capitalist Crag.

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